Coon Rapids


Cynthia V.

Cynthia offers 50+ years of experience as a musician, educator, therapist and clinician.  She graduated Cum Laude from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and her journey in her careers has given her a broad and creative philosophy of the use of music in every aspect of life.

She began playing piano at age 5 and then continued to develop her musicianship through all of her educational pursuits.   She gained experience in instrumental performance, vocal and choral performance and conducting, piano instruction, public school music education, liturgical music, music therapy, psychiatric nursing and performance venues.   Her most recent performance venue was at New York’s Carnegie Hall where she shared the stage with a former piano student in the world premiere of “Esther”, a choral composition by Mark Blankenship and Mark Cabiness.

Cynthia utilizes a success-oriented model for supporting the learning of students.  She works with each student with an eye toward individualizing lessons to the student’s learning style and interests and Cynthia believes that students develop a lifetime appreciation of music when they can maximize their skills as well as enjoying their musical pursuits.  Her time spent as a music therapist and psychiatric RN provided a wide view of approaches with special populations, including autism, neurological and physical disease, psychiatric illness, behavioral problems and cognitive deficits.  Her practice recognizes the vast benefits of studying music and performing music as an amazing tool for brain development and achievement which benefits all students, young and old.  Cynthia’s skill set is broad and creative but her ever present goal is to provide a joyful experience through music which can last a lifetime.

She looks forward to partnering with students and parents in learning to play piano and make music a part of each student’s life.