Online lessons

Lessons are taken through Skype, an internet-based audio and video program. Students and teachers can see each other throughout the lesson from anywhere in the world. The program itself is free and quick to download.

Our online lessons have quickly become popular; students, parents, and instructors love the flexibility, fun, and ease of lessons this way. The list of benefits to online lessons is long and increasing. If a parent isn’t home, if traffic or weather pose an obstacle for the instructor, if summer vacation takes you from your home, or if your child gets excited about using technology, online lessons are a great fit for you and your child.

To get started with online lessons with All Things Musik, contact us to enroll. You can continue with your current instructor and have the flexibility of location and time scheduling. All Things Musik instructors maintain professionalism while in the lesson and you as the parent can easily maintain online safety by viewing the history in Skype.

No special equipment is needed for online lessons;

  • A one-time download of Skype, available at
  • A laptop or mobile device with audio and camera capabilities (laptop, iPod, tablet, etc.), able to be located within sight of where your child will be playing or singing