Alex began his musical path with the trombone, but quickly discovered that strings, not brass was his true passion. Picking up the guitar at the age of twelve, his primary focus was around classic rock and blues, looking up to guitarists like Jimmy Page and David Gilmour. After studying under 4 different teachers with diverse specializations, Alex expanded his playing into various styles and genres from metal to folk to funk. He loves to experiment with alternate turnings and even picked up an 8 string guitar a few years back after studying under Justin Lowe of renowned local metal band, After the Burial. Alex recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a double major in Psychology and Journalism. Keeping music the main focus of his studies, Alex assisted in sound studies in the Psych department's Auditory Perception and Cognition Lab and worked for the award winning college radio station, Radio K. He is also a self taught bass, ukulele, and mandolin player.