Amanda began playing piano when she was three years old in the YAMAHA music program. She started private lessons at age seven and continued under various instructors, including Dr. Paul Wirth. Throughout the years Amanda has attended music festivals including the Masterworks Festival in Winona Lake, Indiana as well as the Young Artist World Piano Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Amanda also greatly enjoys accompanying. She accompanied the University Choir at the University of Wisconsin Platteville for two years as well as many instrumentalists and vocalists. Amanda attended the University of Wisconsin Platteville and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a piano emphasis in May of 2016. Amanda has taught thirty-five unique students privately over the past six years as well as in the Montessori school setting. She works with each student on focusing and achieving previously set goals as well as working with each individual and their family to set new goals. Over the past years she has enjoyed the opportunity to teach a diverse group of children, including those with ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, noncompliant behavior, learning disabilities, and physical challenges. These experiences have strengthened her to be a well rounded, flexible, and compassionate individual, who takes into account each student’s learning ability, needs, and goals and creates successful lesson plans to accommodate them. Each student receives special attention during lesson preparation, guaranteeing that each lesson is as successful as it can be. Amanda understands the challenges that come with learning music, but turns those challenges into fun! Her approach to teaching has allowed her students to progress at a rate that fits their learning style, which leads to a feeling of success and satisfaction.