Brad started playing guitar at the age of 15, some decades ago. He studied piano prior to that and transferred his music knowledge to strings as popular music became a highlight of his life. In college at Harvard, Brad honed his skills learning acoustic techniques from mentor Jeff Matthews, and electric guitar from Kent Quander, master rock and roll artist. Brad feels the beauty of playing guitar is in its range of expression and circumstance -- from recording, to playing live with a band, solo, or duo, to sitting at home alone singing favorite songs to suit a mood. His greatest joy is sharing his talent with others as audience or students. He is blessed with three children that all play multiple instruments. When Brad is not busy playing, he spends most of his time cultivating the St. Louis Park Theater he and his wife co-founded, Maggie’s Farm Theater. As a professional, Brad has worked largely as a theater artist, and in recent years, has been the Audio Engineer for a television production company, Magnetic Productions, mixing and sweetening hundreds of shows for HGTV, DIY and the Travel Channel.