Cassandra is a born and bred Minnesotan, currently residing in Minneapolis. Her diverse background and experiences have shaped her musical abilities. Growing up, Cassandra gained inspiration from her mother's record collection--from Donny Hathaway to Carole King--which is reflective in her own eclectic vocal stylings. Cassandra believes that music is meant to heal and bring love to those around her. Classically trained, she uses her voice to paint a unique picture and expresses her emotions through the lyrics she writes.  From pop to country to classical to jazz, Ms. Telae has the ability to coach those interested in any genre of music.  Combining traditional methods with a more natural approach to expressive singing, Cassandra welcomes the opportunity to support anyone interested in sharing their voice in song.
"We are the music-makers; and we are the dreamers of dreams."
-Charles O'Shaughnessy