Katia has been playing piano for 12 years, and has accompanied singers and the church band and choir.  She took lessons for seven years from an instructor who taught her valuable piano playing skills and techniques.  She has the patience and skill set to teach piano playing fundamentals.  She also likes to witness student's progress as they continue to practice and learn, and she acknowledges their accomplishments.  She has been teaching piano for two and a half years, and she enjoys teaching students of all ages. In order to support the students, she gauges their learning style.  She encourages weekly lessons because they are important to stay consistent in the learning process.  For beginning students who are children (ages 6 to 11) Katia starts with the Faber Piano Adventures primer level. The series consists of technique, theory, and lesson. She uses each book to guide the student on the fundamentals, such as hand position, posture, and rhythm. She also uses the books to guide the student step- by- step on how to read the notes on the scale. For ages 12 and up, Katia references the Faber Piano Adventures for the older beginner.  For adults, she uses the Adult Piano Adventures, which also includes technique, theory, and lesson.  After every lesson, Katia creates a lesson plan for them to go over the following week to help them retain what they have learned. During the following lesson, she reviews the lesson plan with the student. When Katia is teaching the students, she makes sure they understand the material.  For instance, she will ask them if they have any questions about the previous instruction.  She can also teach jazz and classical genres.  Katia believes that when students learn a variety of genres, they can have a more enjoyable experience practicing and learning.  Her goal as an instructor is for the students to have an enjoyable experience during the sessions.