Mary B.

Mary has 20 years of music teaching experience:  individual piano and voice lessons, vocal/classroom teaching at the elementary and middle school levels, and pre-school/family music.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from the College of St. Teresa in Winona, MN in 1986 and she is certified in Kodaly Approach, Kindermusik and Music Together.  She also serves as a church choral director, pianist and vocalist at parishes in the Twin Cities.  Mary's philosophy of music education is that music is a language which belongs to and can be "spoken" by every person in their own unique way.  To that end, Mary involves her students in the choice of repertoire and learning style which best suits them.  Her approach to teaching music includes theory, composition and technique in addition to the joyful exploration and artful mastery of their instrument.  There is nothing more rewarding to Mary than assisting her students in discovering their own musicianship!