Melissa’s love of music started early in life, singing silly children songs, and simple songs from the 50’s and 60’s, with her grandfather. She took voice lessons at the age of five and continued to keep music as the focus of her attention throughout her adolescence—mostly experiencing hands on learning singing in a variety of choirs—and along the way she became interested in other instruments as well. She took guitar lessons playing popular music, and learned piano through high school becoming more interested in classical music and jazz. It was in high school that she learned more about how to produce classical music with her voice, and how to perform it as well. Her exploration of music led her to receiving a Music Performance degree from Hamline University where she gained further understanding of how music was created, and she found a love of composing music. Overall, she has 17 years of experience in voice, 7 years of experience in piano, 5 years of experience in composing, 2 years of experience in guitar, and 2 years of experience in violin. Throughout her life she found music to be the most successful way to express emotions, and continues to be astounded by how music can transport someone mentally simply through sound. She continues to explore how to perfect the experience of bringing music to an audience, and she cannot wait to teach others about how to perfect their experiences as well.