Jacob’s boundless passion for the guitar started in early childhood watching his older brother
“shred” like a true Millennial Metal-Head. Starting out with piano lessons at the behest of his
mother, Jacob knew he was a guitarist at heart. It was a calling that was fulfilled when he
received his first electric guitar at age 9, and since then, the love hasn’t faded.
Jacob regards his 6 years of private guitar lessons as some of the best years of his life, and has
practiced for over 14 years in various styles including; Classic Rock, Blues, Pop, Metal, Jazz,
and Classical. His biggest musical influences range from neoclassical shred guitarists such as
Jason Becker and Marty Friedman, to the sultry Blues tones of Eric Clapton and John Fruciante.
Jacob’s strong understanding of musical theory, tone, and technique allows him to give students
the foundation they need to pursue their own passion. He believes in creating a safe environment
for creative expression and personal taste. His vision is to help students grow their love of music,
and most of all, have a fun and rewarding experience.