Lois is an experienced musician who has appreciated many diverse musical experiences and a lifetime love of learning and teaching opportunities. She took piano lessons over ten years growing up, during which time she began accompanying church and Sunday school choirs. She played baritone horn/euphonium in elementary and high school bands, considering becoming a band director during some of these years. While attending the University of Minnesota at Morris in pre-chiropractic doctor studies, she was a member of the concert band and accompanied vocal students during their lessons. After beginning chiropractic practice in SE MN, she was a member of a community band and involved in church music, initially working with children’s choirs, high school singers and small instrumental groups, and directing adult choirs. Eventually she taught herself to play organ and was the sole organist for ten years. She accompanied the Lake City Singers. She shared her love of music with her two children who took piano lessons from a local teacher, but respected their decisions as they grew older to pursue other musical opportunities vocally and instrumentally, but appreciating the foundation of their piano lessons. She enjoys watching the next generation of her young granddaughter sitting at the piano with either her dad or Grandma Lois. After moving back to the area where she grew up, she rejoined the Mid Minnesota Concert Band, which she had been a member during high school. Now living in Buffalo, she has joined the church choir, handbell ringers, and playing piano with the contemporary praise team. She has recently started composing music. She loves observing how people grow and connect with music, both as listeners and participants.