Justin is a pianist and vocalist with over a decade of experience in music education. Justin received his BA in Music Education from Queens College, where he developed a strong foundation in musical pedagogy and best practices. In the classroom, Justin excelled at creating engaging learning experiences for diverse learners through using scaffolding techniques and various learning aids—visual, kinesthetic, tactile, and aural. He firmly believes all students, regardless of prior knowledge or skill, can obtain a comprehensive grasp of music literacy.
Justin has spent most of his professional career as a Director of Music for various churches. Hailing from New York City, Justin was able to work with and direct highly skilled singers and instrumentalists for his job. He recently moved to the Twin Cities and is currently the Director of Liturgy and Music at St. Bartholomew Catholic Church in Wayzata, MN. He has a strong passion for sharing the joy of playing and understanding music. Outside of music, Justin enjoys swimming, working on cars, and spending time with his wife and his two children.